Contactless Delivery

We are committed to providing deliveries without physical contact to reassure our community and our staff members will be safe. Contactless delivery will remove the need for direct contact for both parties. Our delivery method has minimal interaction with our delivery crew to you. 
We are only accepting online payment through our website. We do not accept cash. 
Our Contactless delivery procedure
  • Once you order your ice cream online, the delivery crew will call you on arrival to discuss where to leave your order.
  • The delivery crew will place your order at your suggested spot.
  • The delivery crew will move to a safe distance (2m) and call you by phone for your order to be picked up.
  • Once you will collect your order, the Delivery crew will return back.
We are maintaining frequent hand washing when preparing foods, after going to the bathroom, and after touching the face or hair. Our food production equipment, surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 
Our contactless delivery: how it works 

Contactless Delivery Procedure

Online booking

Order Online

Delivery crew will call you
Delivery crew call

Placing of your order

At your suggested spot
Placing your order

Pick up call

Delivery crew will call you
Move to safe distance

Maintaining Safe distance

Approx 2m distance from you